A curious yogi exploring the world in search of different techniques and more mindful ways for living. To share with you, my tribe, to help you live a well balanced lifestyle.

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I color outside the lines – I always have. My wellness path was sparked at the ripe age of 19. After graduating from OCAD University and 6 years in the stressful, dog-eat-dog Entertainment industry, it profoundly grew when I packed my bags and set off to live in an ashram in India.

Two yoga teacher trainings later and over 10 years of practice, I continue to explore the world in search of different techniques & more mindful ways for living.

I enjoy sharing my love of these things through my business, WanderfulSoul, all in the hopes that I will meet a tribe of others who share my passions, and perhaps I’ll inspire a few people along the way!


"Vitina is an amazing leader and coach. Her energy is empowering, inspiring and contagious! Her ability to craft an experience that is not only relaxing, but also thought-provoking and contemplative, is a real gift. I would love to join her again on another retreat - who knows what I’ll discover about myself next time!"
"I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to belong to this retreat.The support and kindness from the group renews my faith in all that is good. Thank you so much for showing us the way."
"I am so grateful for this retreat. I wanted a life changing experience and that is what I got. So much positive energy and supportive new friends. Thank you for opening my heart, soul and mind to myself and the universe. You truly have a wonderful gift."