Best Yoga Retreat Destinations 2017

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With so many magnificent destinations for yoga lovers all over the world it can be tough to decide on the right one. Looking for an authentic, traditional yoga experience? Want to reconnect with yourself, spend time in a temperate climate, and return to your life feeling refreshed, toned, and invigorated? There’s a retreat for you on this list.

These destinations offer the best of the best in terms of the luxury accommodation and activities for wandering souls.

Nicaragua – Nekupe

Wanderful Soul - Nekupe Nicaragua Luxury Yoga Retreat

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Sitting between Lake Nicaragua and the scenic Pacific Ocean, Nekupe is the first luxury countryside resort in Nicaragua, and it is a paradise of rest and relaxation. Take a yoga retreat at Nekupe and rejuvenate your body and mind in the delightful Pacific climate.

Fitted with amenities that will exceed your expectations, the Nekupe resort is especially suitable for a yoga retreat. Join other guests in the communal Casa Club for some relaxing conversation following a day while enjoying the resort’s scenic views.

The Nekupe sanctuary itself is situated at the highest part of the resort. Lose yourself in this oasis of relaxation for a meditation session or to reflect on your yoga practice. Take a dip in the resort pool to stretch out and ease your body into further relaxation.

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Pacific Coast – Big Sur


Pacific Coast Luxury Yoga Retreats

Big Sur is a mecca for yoga lovers in the Western Hemisphere, making it an ideal place to take a yoga retreat in the U.S.. It has come to be known as the, “greatest meeting of land and water in the world,” positioned on the Big Sur cliffs overlooking the breathtaking Pacific Ocean. The area has drawn lovers of yoga, meditation, and organic eating from all over the world.  The community of Big Sur still carries on the free-spirited cultural tradition founded there in the 1960’s.

The stunning views and unique geography provides the perfect setting to let go of worldly frustrations and get lost in self-discovery. Artists like Ray Bradbury and Bob Dylan have been known to visit Big Sur to unwind, relax, find inspiration, and perhaps even practice a bit of yoga too.

The Esalen retreat centre is at the heart of all the great activities at Big Sur, acting as a sort of nerve centre for the best yoga retreats on the coast. Depending on the yoga retreat, the centre hosts workshops, conferences, research, and work-study programs all pertaining to self-transformation and reevaluation.

One of the more prominent attractions in the region includes the natural geothermal hot springs, which provide a vantage point for watching great Pacific waves thundering against the cliff faces. Visitors can also enjoy hikes through the relatively undeveloped surrounding area, reconnecting with themselves and nature.

Himalayas – Rishikesh

Luxury Yoga Retreats

This region is recognized as the yoga capital of the world, making it a strong contender for the best yoga retreat in the world. Located in the Indian Himalaya mountains, this historic location contains the palace of the Maharaja of Teri Garhwal near Rishikesh, the world capital of yoga. As you let yourself relax, practice yoga, or explore the surrounding countryside, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and joined by peacocks and monkeys.

As one of the world’s premier and best known yoga retreat destinations, Ananda is appropriately luxurious. Celebrities like Oprah have enjoyed the destination, which includes professional chefs and yoga instructors.

In Rishikesh, the yoga is divine. Flowing through a practice as the sun rises to illuminate the open-air stone amphitheatre helps you forget worldly struggles and transcend to a higher plane of mindfulness. You can get additional private yoga instruction from a master willing to help you explore any style of yoga you wish before visiting the world-famous spa.

Each March, some of the most well-known Yogis and spiritual leaders in the world descend on Rishikesh for the International Yoga Festival. Over 50 world-renowned saints, yogis, and presenters join together to explore yoga with attendees. If you’re heading to Rishikesh for the Yoga, March is the time to do it.

Yoga practice aside, there are plenty of activities to enjoy alone or with others. Fitness classes, guided meditation, and philosophical discourse abounds. The combination of physical and mental exercise truly makes this destination one of the best yoga retreats in the world.

East Asia – Thailand

Top 10 Destinations For Yoga Retreats In 2017 - East Asia

Elephant Island is a remote sanctuary in the Thai wilderness surrounded by idyllic, jungle-covered mountains. Wandering travelers searching for a more mindful way of living can find it amid the mangroves, practicing yoga, meditating, and learning self love.

Whether staying in a hotel or one of the wooden huts littered across the hillside, the region offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. As you sit still to meditate, learning a more mindful way to living, you’ll experience the sound of the jungle coming to life around you – birds chirping, water gently running through creeks, and critters scurrying gently across the forest floor. The ambience full of natural life and is one of the most rewarding features of a Thai yoga retreat.

While in the area you can indulge on local cuisine made from natural ingredients to energize your body, preparing it for growth from yoga and expansion of the mind.

Mediterranean – Greece

Top 10 Destinations For Yoga Retreats In 2017 - Mediterranean

A yoga retreat destination list wouldn’t be complete without mention of the Mediterranean and its Greek Islands. The velvety, warm climate seems like the perfect place to relax, especially when breezes of hot desert winds from across the water.

It’s no surprise that ancient Greek poets wrote extensively of the area’s unique beauty. Just as they lost themselves in the beauty of their surroundings, so too can you forget the worries of the world and turn inward to rediscover your way of mindful living.

The culture here is as rich as the food, and even though the area is not as significant to the Yoga tradition as India. Whether you are practicing in an open shala while overlooking the sea or listening to the water break on the cliffs.

The bucolic landscape is a terrific place for a Yoga retreat because it offers the perfect locale for vigorous exploration of yoga, soothing meditation, and profound self-discovery.

When you’re not in a class, take a walk to enjoy the unique flora or visit one of the countless small towns scattered along the coast. The people are as much a treasure as the landscape, and it’s hard to even know where to begin when it comes to the food – from yummy thick yogurt to big crunchy salads, it’s easy to see why Greeks enjoy life so much.

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