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5 Tips to Reduce Stress

By Vitina | Comments: 1 | February 1, 2019

A common misconception in the western world is that yoga is JUST a physical practice.

There are 8 Limbs, or you could call them tiers, to the yoga lifestyle. Each tier is designed to take you deeper inwards. There could be a whole post on this but to give you a good sense, the physical practice is one of the first tiers and meditation (Samadhi) is the final/ultimate goal meaning bliss.

Meditation is such a trend today, it doesn’t mean you can’t start dabbling in it but there are a few tips I’ve learned along my journey to share with you…

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Yoga Meditation: How to Centre Yourself Through Yoga Practice

By WanderfulSoul | Comments: 1 | May 15, 2017

Get started on a path to yoga meditation. Learn how to quiet your mind, relax, embrace silence and take your yoga routine to higher levels.

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Mind Your Stress

By Vitina | Comments: 0 | April 19, 2017

In May 2017, the WanderfulSoul “Mind Your Stress” article was sent to 80,000 homes across Canada through the Globe and Mail. The article was published in Women’s Brain Health Initiative‘s Mind Over Matter magazine. A magazine that educates and encourages brain healthy habits. In many recent studies, we’ve learned that yoga and meditation are both

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5 Easy Tips to Begin a Mindfulness Practice

By Vitina | Comments: 0 | February 27, 2017

Have you ever “misplaced” your keys? Got down the street and wondered “did I close the garage door?”… “Turn off the oven?”… “Turn off my straightener?” When you live in routine you start living in autopilot. It’s in this state that you become forgetful. It’s not because you have a bad memory. It’s simply because

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