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By WanderfulSoul | Comments: 0 | March 13, 2019

Vitina Blumenthal never thought her life would be what it is today. If you asked her what she envisioned for herself 5-7 years ago, she would have told you that she’d be working in the music and event industry. More specifically, that she wanted to “be happy”.

But what does happy really mean. And how does one achieve that?

This is an entrepreneurial story that will show you how fast things can change when you begin to align with your true essence. And how what you once thought you wanted, can also shift with time. And that’s perfectly OK.

For Vitina, her career life began with an internship out of school in the music industry, followed quite quickly with her founding her own company in the digital media space. Which was great for a while. But before she knew it, she was soon working 80+ hours a week. And although she thought she was having “the time of her life” – attending amazing parties, rubbing shoulders with celebs, etc- she was also on the brink of burnout.

When she exited the company, she took off to India. Now I know what you are thinking…was this like an “Eat, Pray, Love” decision? And although from the outside it might appear as such – since she also spent a month in an Ashram while she was there – in all honesty, that was never the plan. She just needed to escape her own life.

When she arrived, she was the epitome of a type “A” person….always rushing, always needing to accomplish something, never able to just be still.

But by the time she left, she felt completely transformed. Like a better version of herself and more aligned with who she wanted to be. Like many entrepreneurs, once you jump into the deep end of owning your own company, it’s hard to go back. And so, it came as no surprise, that after Vitina returned home, she founded yet another company.

This time, she used her strengths and talents to help others by creating a web and graphic based company. Her desire was to help other entrepreneurs get in touch with their own visions and help them create an online space where they could share their own message with others.

She also started her own blog called Wanderfulsoul, where she could share her wellness experiences and advice, as well as offer one-of-a-kind retreats to those that are looking to be inspired, rejuvenated and blend eastern mindfulness traditions with their western ideals.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, she serendipitously met her other business co-founder while they both were traveling through India. They met by chance, realized their visions were the same when it came to creating unforgettable and transformational wellness experiences, and thus, Wanderwell was born.

They’ve now been featured in the likes of Marie Claire, SHAPE, Forbes Travel Guide, Darling Magazine and many more. And they are just getting started. So if you’re looking to get back in touch with your true self, or just need a safe space to relax and re-charge, you’ll definitely want to check out what they are up to!


  • What were you wanting to be when you were in school?
  • How did you end up in the music industry and what was that like?
  • Biggest transformation and how did you take the leap?
  • Were you trying to “find yourself” when you took off to India?
  • Did you always want to be your own boss and create something of your own?
  • How did you find the courage to leave an industry where you were highly sought after?
  • What was your first retreat like and how did you spread the word?
  • How did you know you find a great partnership when you co-founded Wanderwell?
  • What’s been the biggest struggle to date?
  • And so much more…


  • How to not be afraid of change
  • How being still and living in the present moment will help you figure out what you truly want
  • The importance of a morning routine
  • Why it’s OK to change your career goals
  • How Wanderwell could help transform your life
  • Vitina’s definition of success
  • Where the next retreats are taking place
  • How she drown’s the noise in her own life

  • And lots more…


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