Aqua Wellness

Barefoot Luxury Getaway

Our Review

It was definitely love at first site. After leaving my first visit I realized… Once just wasn’t enough. Six months later I returned for my second visit. Getting to explore the depths of Aqua, I recognized that this was definitely not infatuation.

The Aqua Wellness Resort is a perfect combination of Eco-Luxury. It’s an ideal fit to host or participate in a retreat. With an incredible nutritious menu (my mouth is watering thinking about the dragon fruit smoothie bowl), two yoga platforms and plenty of outdoor activities to keep entertained.

Moving up, high into the forest sits each unique tree house. It would probably be best to avoid skinny-dipping in your personal plunge pool in the middle of the day during dry season… when the leaves have fallen off the trees…not saying I know from experience or anything.

I’m so excited to share that WanderfulSoul is teaming up with Yoga Healing Nature to help you kick-start 2018. We will be collaborating to create a once-in-a-lifetime wellness experience at Aqua. You can learn more here.


Retreat Basics

Country: Nicaragua
Location: Tola, Rivas
Last Visit: April 2017
Website: Aqua Wellness

Highlights for Your Wellness Retreat


Wellness Menu

The adorable outdoor restaurant Bromelia serves up deliciously fresh vegan and vegetarian dishes all day long! Try any of the smoothie bowls and I promise your taste buds will jump for joy! No matter what you order off their menu, you’ll leave feeling energized and refreshed!  

Hikes up Giant’s Foot

 The first part your journey is a fairly gentle hike. If you want to go to the very end, you will need to whip out your basic rock climbing skills. It’s not as bad as it may sound, but it is surely a fun adventure! My only piece of advice is to check the weather… we got caught in a tropical downpour. A little rain never hurt anyone!

Spa Treatment

I am a sucker for massages but I went outside my comfort zone this time and got their signature Organic Cacao Body Polish scrub. I was so impressed! They also offer Reiki treatments – always a nice holistic treatment to add to a retreat.

Wellness Programs

Detox in the luxury of nature. Get back to yourself by enhancing your well-being through one of their on-site wellness programs. Offering 3, 5 and 7-day programs, you can choose a tailored wellness experience to your individual needs


Overlook the ocean from the serene open-air yoga platform for daily classes and meditation sessions. Book private yoga lessons to dig deeper into your practice and breakdown common sequences. But try your best not to get lost in the view.

Community Tourism

Leave the resort on land or boat for one of many day trips offered by Aqua. Zip-line through the jungle, visit coffee plantations, tour organic local farms, hike up the waterfalls, view volcanic lava at night, or go horseback riding – and that’s just to name a few of your options.