Chablé Wellness Resort

Redefining Wellness

Our Review

Something about this place makes you naturally want to slow down. Slow down enough to soak in all its beauty. It’s a perfect combination of enhancing the old with the new. From its original ruins combined with its modern architected villas to the contemporary spa mixed with ancient Mayan therapies and remedies.

Beyond just offering a wide range of fitness classes available for everyone to join, Chablé touches on what it means to have a full wellness experience.

What really makes the experience is the staff. Their positive energy and smiles really make this place shine. Making you feel like it’s your home away from home. I’d choose a home with a pool outside my villa any day!

Besides what’s already been described, the natural surroundings are what make Chablé speacial. More specifically the Cenote that the spa is built around. A Cenote is a body of water where Mayans communicated with the gods. The Mayans honour cenotes because they were a water source in dry times; the name cenote means ‘sacred well’. There are 10,000 of them in the region. All 10,000 are connected, some only by a small stream of water, underground. It represents the underlying connectedness between all living things, even if it cannot be seen. 

When you start using words to describe this place, it loses its true essence. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself. It’s a must add to the bucket list. 

Retreat Basics

Country: Mexico
Location: Yucatán
Last Visit: May 2017
Website: Chablé

Highlights for Your Wellness Retreat


Wellness Menu

Soak up the natural beauty while having a farm-to-table picnic breakfast near the cenote or dine at the spa and indulge in their wellness menu; choose from gluten-free, dairy-free, healthy and vegan set menus. Wait until the sun sets to enjoy a  sensual dinner under the lantern tree. Keep your eyes open for flickering lights from fireflies. A very majestic experience.

Stress Release

Stress release can come in many different forms. Start your day with a gratitude ceremony at the Kan’chee, honouring the food you will be eating that day. You may choose to enjoy a yoga or meditation class near the cenote. Learn the art of pranayama (breathing classes). Each of these activities will help to calm your mind and connect with yourself.


If the property isn’t stimulating enough, wander off to explore some of the highlights Yucatán is known for. Visit the world famous Castillo, a pyramid recently declared one of the Seven New Wonders of the World. Or galavant through Mayapán, the last great Maya capital in the Yucatán which features 20 cenotes. Swimming in a cenote is a must.


Set an intention and let go of what no longer serves you during a traditional Mayan ceremony, Temescal. A beautiful, yet steamy, experience to face your fears and set yourself free of old patterns. It can be an intense and therapeutic journey. Be sure to hydrate lots beforehand; it’s a sweaty one.


You would be missing out if you didn’t experience at least one treatment at the spa. All designed inspired by Mayan rituals and include traditional herbs. Be sure to make time before and/or after treatments to explore the hydrotherapy pools. The pools are available to guests during their time on property.


There are a wide variety of activities to participate in on a daily basis. From morning running club to biking the gardens and exploring the beauty of the property. There is a well equipped gym but you might fancy getting primal in Animal Movement class. To each their own. There’s something for everyone.