Morgan’s Rock

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Our Review

Since 1998, the Poncon family has planted over 2 million trees across 4000+ Acres of land. Morgan’s Rock prides itself in its eco-sustainable standards. The open-air suites (surrounded by screens) are tucked away in the jungle – most accommodations looking out to the picturesque ocean. You will fall asleep to the sounds of nature and thunder of the waves. The brand new platform is the perfect spot to lead a yoga and meditation class. There are also lots of amazing activities to do on the property; hiking, fishing, stand-up paddle-boarding, surfing and more.


Retreat Basics

Country: Nicaragua
Location: San Juan del Sur, Rivas
Last Visit: Oct 2016
Website: Morgan’s Rock

Highlights for Your Wellness Retreat


Farm Breakfast

Want fresh milk for your coffee? You’ll milk a cow straight from the farm. Pick your own eggs that were freshly laid that morning. And learn how to make tortillas. Three key ingredients for a traditional Nica breakfast. This was one of my favourite activities at Morgan’s Rock and a true Nicaraguan experience.

Horseback Riding

A beautiful way to experience the stunning hacienda is by trekking horseback of the coastal hills. With infinite overhead views, you’ll likely encounter a few lazy sloths contrasted by playful monkeys. There’s nothing more freeing than galloping a horse crossing white sand beaches.

Sustainable Lodging

Sleep easy knowing that your stay is actually giving back to our beautiful planet. Since the 90s over 2 million trees have been planted on the property. During your stay, you’ll live off the land and equally give back to it and its community.

Catch Shrimp

Catch organic shrimp and eat organic shrimp. The lodge runs an organic shrimp farm for the consumption of its restaurant. You don’t have to worry about industrial feed animals products here. All shrimp are fed with natural algae! Cast a net, relax and harvest.   


Visit your mind, body, and soul on the largest yoga platform in the country! On the 4,300 sq ft. roof top platform with a cool breeze, birds overhead, and the sounds of the ocean, you’ll be sure to awaken your senses and engage your spirits.

Community Tourism

To get a better glimpse into the bigger picture of the eco lodge’s sustainability drive, I highly recommend going on at least one of their off-site culture tours. From a volcano culture excursion to hiking the Mombacho crater you’ll fall in love with Nicaraguan culture.