Mukul Resort

A Private Oasis on the Emerald Coast


Our Review

What I appreciate about my experience at Mukul is the attention to detail. I want to write about everything, but it would take away from the element of surprise. Needless to say, you and your guests will be very taken care of. This specific property, “a legacy project” quoted by Don Carlos Pellas himself, has been huge for the local economy in Nicaragua. Any direction you look will stun you with natural and architectural beauty. The villas are the perfect spot to host or attend a retreat. Giving you lots of privacy for your group. Lead a yoga class on the beach or up on the platform in the jungle. Be spoiled by the wellness menu from world renowned chefs. And finish your day with a campfire on the beach.


Retreat Basics

Country: Nicaragua
Location: Tola-Las Salinas, Tola
Last Visit: Oct 2016
Website: Mukul

Highlights for Your Wellness Retreat


mukul-resort-nicaraguaWellness Menu

Your taste buds will dance for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Mukul’s diverse fusion of meal options uses local ingredients to create a menu that reflects cuisine from all over the word – Mexican, Italian, French, Mediterranean and even Asian accents. Start your day with a healthy passion fruit salad or a poolside smoothie.

Turtle Release

The resort takes great pride in their Turtle Conservation Program. They have specific areas designated to turtle refuge and exists solely to preserve conserve the life of sea turtle. Your heart will smile as you take part in the region’s preservation as you release baby turtles into the ocean.  

Spa Treatment

The resort has six beautiful temples all focusing on different therapeutic specialties from around the world. Each a unique wellness experience making it pretty hard to choose just one. My favourite was the Crystal Temple – a soothing vibration flow from singing crystal bowls.

mukul-resort-nicaraguaHike the Dry Forest

Take a journey on the scenic trails of the pacific dry forest. On the 3-hour hike, tropical birds, monkeys, and iguanas will greet you along the way to your 360-degree lookout. From here you’ll experience breathtaking views of the Emerald Coast and far in the distance, Costa Rica.


Even if it’s your first time surfing (it was for me), Tropic Surf will give you the skills to ride your first wave. They are located near the clubhouse, about 5 minutes walk on the same private beach as Mukul. And on a healthy note, surf is an amazing full body workout!

mukul-resort-nicaraguaLocal Community

Granada is a special town that you shouldn’t miss while visiting Nicaragua. One spot you will be able to see is the Pellas family’s palace in the heart of the city. Granada is a stunning colonized town with lots of cute restaurants and shops. If you have time, take a boat tour on Lake Nicaragua.