Mustique Island

Luxury Island Escape

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Even when I think I’ve seen it all, the world has a way of taking my breath away. Mustique Island is 1,400 acres of hidden beauty. The island houses 118 Villas, 80 of these unique accommodations are available for rent. The island is owned by the Mustique company, in turn it’s owned by the island’s home owners. Some of the home owners include; Mick Jagger, Tommy Hilfiger and Princess Margaret. David Bowie once owned an Indonesian-inspired multi-pavilion villa on the island, which he left asserting that “the house was so tranquil and peaceful that he found it hard to get any work done.”

This island is full of magic. I fell in love. So much so that WanderfulSoul will be hosting a retreat on the island November 5-12, 2017.


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Retreat Basics

Country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Location: Mustique Island
Last Visit: January 2017
Website: Mustique Island

Highlights for Your Wellness Retreat


Yoga and Fitness

The island offers it’s own group fitness classes Monday through Friday. From personal training, yoga and meditation, and swim lessons. There is something extra to engage in and maybe something new for you to try.

Hiking Trails

The island has many spectacular hiking trails. The more you explore the more you will discover. Each trail reveals hidden gems and different points of view. Making it feel like one moment you’re in the Caribbean and the next you’ve teleported to the rolling hills of Scotland.

Spa Treatment

The spa treatments, rituals and soul connections at the Cotton House are designed and take inspiration from the islands most potent and natural wonders. Get lost in the healing hands of their expert therapists while over looking stunning sea views.

Luxury Villa

Each villa is unique to the personality of it’s owner. They all come in different shapes, sizes and price points. Each villa has a fully equipped and bright staff; chef, butler, gardener and house keeping. It’s a fun adventure on it’s own to find a villa for your luxury retreat.


There is an extensive range of watersport’s available on the island from scuba diving to snorkelling, and windsurfing to Hobie Cat sailing. Visit the Watersport’s Centre where you can choose from boogie boards and windsurfers, stand up paddle boards or even a glass bottom kayak to explore the reefs beneath the sea.


Get your dancing shoes on for a night at Basil’s Bar, a landmark destination on Mustique Island. A spot where generations of homeowners, guests, fishermen and passing yachts anchor, to watch the sun go down and enjoy the local vibe. Enjoy live music at Wednesday Night Jump Up and Sunday Night Sunset Jazz evenings.