Rancho La Puerta

Find Bliss on the Wellness Ranch


Our Review

We drove up to the gates that opened up to 3000 acres of new exploratory territory! We were greeted with some fresh lemonade and a cold towel. I quickly unpacked and changed so I could head out to explore. I pictured myself as Alice in Wonderland taking different unknown paths that led to different but equally as majestic landscapes. Edmond Szekely and his young wife Deborah, founders of the ranch, were before their time. They opened Rancho La Puerta in June of 1940. Their vision was to integrate ancient verities of health and wisdom into the vital new 20th-century lifestyle.


Retreat Basics

Country: Mexico
Location: Tecate, Mexico
Last Visit: June 2016
Website: Rancho La Puerta

Highlights for Your Wellness Retreat


Wellness Menu

With over 75 years of culinary creativity, the menu is always fresh, tasty and healthy! The Ranch’s diet is Lacto-Ovo vegetarian cuisine, which focuses on proteins, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. Each meal will fill you with the energy, fiber, and complex carbohydrates to keep your mind and body balanced.


Disconnect yourself from the distractions of life and travel your inner terrain through renewing and reconnecting workshop experiences that will help you de-stress and realign your goals. Try the crystal ball sound healing or a silent dinner and listen to your inner truths.

Spa Treatment

Your all natural, from the soil to the skin, spa experience awaits you! With three holistic spa sanctuaries to choose from, all staffed with skilled estheticians and therapists. You should know all treatments use aromatic and healing plants grown on-site in the organic gardens.

Guest Speakers

Each week at the Ranch offers guests the opportunity to interact with different guest speakers, lecturers, and leaders, including authors, politicians, musicians, artists from all walks of life. Even the co-founder offers Deborah Szekely gives an inspiring evening talk each week.

Yoga & Fitness

Your day will be filled with a variety of scheduled health and fitness activities, whether you’re looking to practice yoga, improve your cardio skills, dance like no one is watching, the Ranch has a number of daily programs to get your feet moving and heart pumping!

Cooking Classes

Take the taste of the Ranch home with you! Get the skills you need to continue your organic eating habits even after your stay is over. The Ranch’s cooking classes are taught by internationally renowned chefs and healthy cookbook authours.