Rancho Santana

Rugged by Nature, Elegant by Design


Our Review

Rancho Santana is the perfect place to host or attend your next surf and yoga retreat. Having some of the region’s best surf conditions. You’ll find a variety of waves that are perfect for both beginners and more ‘seasoned’ surfers. Rancho Santana built an incredible yoga deck high up in the trees overlooking the ocean. Warning! Participants may change their Drishti point from finger to mountain tip.


Retreat Basics

Country: Nicaragua
Location: Tola, Rivas
Last Visit: Oct 2016
Website: Rancho Santana

Highlights for Your Wellness Retreat


Wellness Menu

The food & beverage program is based on a simple premise: keep it natural. Ask and you shall receive. They are happy to accommodate wellness menu requests! Options include detox smoothies and protein pancakes for breakfast.

Horseback Riding

Highly recommended. You’ll feel like you’re in a fairytale. Butterflies flying around you, hair blowing in the wind and the sound of waves hitting the shore. My favourite was the beach trail up to Mag Rock (approx. 1.5 hrs).

Spa Treatment

Because your participants (and you) deserve to be pampered. You can add this in the price of your retreat or a great service to suggest to guests. They are in the process of developing a new and improved wellness spa.

Beautiful Beaches

Rancho Santana has five different beaches (Santana, Rosada, Escondida, Duna & Los Perros) on its shores, which offers guests a unique experience at each. Whether you’re looking for a beach for surfing, sightseeing or relax one of these gems will fulfill your sandy needs.

Yoga & Fitness

Overlook Playa Santana with daily yoga classes. Challenge your fitness with a FloYo session – a mix of yoga and stand up paddle boarding. There’s a running club that meets twice a week. You can even hire a personal trainer for the duration of your stay.

Community Tourism

To truly experience the resort to its fullest, you should explore the surrounding nature and culture. The local excursions offer you the chance to hike the youngest volcano in the world, zipline the Flor de Pochote lagoon, or explore the colonial-era architecture