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Nekupe Resort, Nicaragua | Oct 2017 - Feb 2018

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Wander Well and Nekupe Resort have collaborated to create a unique wellness retreat series that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Each of the four retreats will be a one-of-a-kind transformational experience.

As much as the beauty of Nekupe will stimulate your senses, the program is designed to nourish yourself from the inside out. Each retreat will enhance your over-all well-being. From reducing stress, discovering your purpose, enjoying nutritious and delicious Nicaraguan inspired meals and connecting with like-minded individuals.


The Nekupe x Wander Well Retreat series will incorporate world-class instructors and thought leaders in the wellness community.


Nekupe Sporting Resort & Retreat  | Nandaime, Nicaragua

Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat is a 1,300-acre nature reserve in Nicaragua’s Pacific countryside that offers opportunities to stimulate your mind, your body and your soul. It is the vision of Don Alfredo Jr. and Doña Theresa Pellas, avid travelers and adventure enthusiasts whose commitment to nature is exhibited through the resort’s core principles of respect and stewardship of the environment.

This sanctuary is located in Nandaime, the “place of abundant streams.” It is just under two hours from the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua, 30 minutes from the charming colonial city of Granada and just over an hour from the Pacific Coast.

Nekupe houses an animal sanctuary with more than 158 species of plants, including more than 14,000 trees that were planted throughout the reserve. Wildlife and fauna is sustained by the reservoirs developed by a team of local experts and ecologists. The sobering aura of the grounds serves as a backdrop for a variety of recreational activities and nature appreciation.

This exceptional property offers a seamless confluence of sustainable nature-based design with Feng Shui inspiration, rich Nicaraguan culture and warm hospitality, nurturing exploration, adventure, wellbeing and peace. Experiences include horseback riding, mountain top yoga, tennis, organic gardening and cooking classes.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility at Nekupe

The team at Nekupe is firmly rooted in the belief that it is our responsibility as inhabitants of this planet to treat it with the utmost respect and care. With this in mind, every program and building at Nekupe has been created with sustainability and social responsibility in mind, so that they can help preserve our environment, a continual source of sustenance, inspiration and beauty. To that point, the buildings at the reserve are currently using solar panels as a part of that sustainability effort.

Flight Information


Best to fly into Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua (MGA).

Getting to Nekupe:

Nekupe is located in Nandaime, just under two hours from the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua, 30 minutes from the charming colonial city of Granada and just over an hour from the Pacific Coast. Transportation to and from MGA to Nekupe is included in the retreat package.


The fastest way to arrive at Nekupe and possibly the most scenic, is to have our staff arrange for Helicopter Transportation from Managua. This exclusive method of transportation takes only 30 minutes from Managua and provides a view of Nicaragua like no other. (Not included in the price of retreat)

*Flights are not included in the price of retreat


Starting at $4999 USD

This includes the cost of the Wander Well guided program, activities, food and beverage, & accommodation at Nekupe

Extra Costs: Flights, alcoholic beverages, excursions and activities that are not included on the itinerary

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