Mindfulness 101: Complete Toolkit Workbook

By Vitina | Comments: 0 | July 12, 2017

As promised, you can purchase the Mindfulness 101: Toolkit workbook right here.

You can read many books on mindfulness but we learn mindfulness by experience.

A teacher I practiced with in India told me,

Vitina, it’s 5% reading, 95% Practice

Mindfulness is a fine balance of being and doing.

There is a New Age belief that we always have to be positive. Being positive all the time can be very stressful. And there can be a lot of built up guilt when you are not being positive.

Being more mindful doesn’t always mean it’s going to be rainbows and butterflies. But it will help you flow through life a little more gracefully rather than resisting or attaching to what situations might come up.

I’m here to guide you as much as I can on this mindfulness journey.

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