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Stretch Your Way To Success

By WanderfulSoul | Comments: 0 | May 10, 2017

5 Amazing Ways Yoga Retreats Boost Your Career

For many of us, yoga is the perfect break away from work and the challenges of life. You may start your day off with a session to feel fresh, confident, and ready to seize the day. Or, you might use it to unwind from work.

But yoga is more than just an escape from work. Going on a yoga retreat can actually help you in your career.

This article will help you discover how a luxury yoga retreat can boost your career.

Yoga Retreat for Business Women

Get a Fresh Outlook With Mindful Practice

Going on a luxury yoga retreat is the perfect way to get a new perspective on life. Yoga retreats combine the physical and mental benefits of yoga with the benefits of traveling the world.

Travel allows you to relax and reset while also breaking free from your comfort zone. Travel broadens the mind, and yoga’s focus on mindfulness enhances this effect.

These aspects can have a direct impact on your work life. For one, most employers look favourably upon people who are well-travelled. The life experience added by travel is an added bonus when you are considered for a promotion or a new job.

Leaving your comfort zone and being open to new possibilities also helps you to think more creatively. This can translate to new innovative approaches at work, and creative problem-solving. Being able to look at a problem from more angles helps you make better, more informed decisions.

Gaining a new perspective can be useful in your everyday work life. But it is most valuable when you are approaching a transition point, such as making a potential career change. A transition phase could be a big career, relationship, or life milestone decision or event. At this point, a yoga retreat lets you break free from your routine to uncover a fresh perspective.

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Yoga Retreats Help You De-Stress

Boost your work performance, quality of life, and mental health by reducing the stress in your life. Learning to manage your stress can have a significant impact on you both at work and at home.

One of the best ways to kickstart stress relieving habits is through a luxury yoga retreat. Escaping to beautiful yoga destinations gives you a chance to relax and refresh, free from the stresses of life.

These escapes are the perfect opportunity to develop new, stress reducing habits. The comfort and scenery help you relax. As well, the mindful, reflective practice of yoga empowers you, giving you the confidence to take on stress sources.

The practice of yoga strengthens your mind, helping you avoid feeling overwhelmed at work. It also gives you an outlet to unwind before or after work.

A yoga retreat can be especially effective right before or after a big project or busy season. They give you a chance to center yourself before a potentially stressful time, or to refresh afterward. A Harvard study has documented that yoga reduces stress and anxiety. As well as improving your ability to deal with, and respond to, stress.


Improve Self-Discipline Through Yoga

Anyone who has practiced yoga can tell you that it takes mental and physical discipline. When you begin, yoga can accommodate just about any skill or physical level. But progression requires the disciplined mind and body you build through practice.

Building these self-discipline skills can translate to your professional life. You will be able to approach work with greater structure and mindfulness, allowing for greater productivity and job satisfaction. You learn mental balance (not just physical!) to help you better manage time and avoid stress.

Whether you are new to yoga, or a seasoned yoga veteran, a luxury yoga retreat can help you harness these self-disciplinary skills. For beginners, a yoga retreat can kick you off with a boost. For more experienced yoga practitioners, a retreat is a chance to refocus and to push yourself to improve further.


Build Your Self Confidence With Yoga Retreats

Self-confidence is an important characteristic for professional success. It improves your ability to cope with difficult situations (and difficult clients!) in the office.

Practicing yoga builds up your confidence both mentally and physically. Physically it helps you feel healthier and more relaxed, as well as improving your body image. The physical activity of yoga improves your overall health and well-being. As you practice you will see yourself becoming more visibly fit as well.

Improving a skillset is also a great mental confidence booster. With yoga, we are capable of seeing and feeling our skill grow. Yoga makes you mindful of your body, so you take notice of form, technique, and flexibility improve. This is a great personal morale booster, as you can take pride in this ongoing personal success.


Yoga Retreats Help You Accept Limitations – & Push Them Further!

One of the great powers of yoga is to help you to accept your limitations with a positive outlook. Early on you will quickly discover your personal limitations. In the beginning, you won’t be able to stretch as far as others, or you may be more limited in what poses you can hold.

Yoga is a staunch reminder that you can’t be the best at everything, and that’s okay. It impresses upon you that there is much that can be learned from others, and the value of hard work and time put in. This can be an especially valuable reminder at work as you learn new skills.

You can start to push past these limitations once you accept them and prepare yourself to accept help from others. A yoga retreat is a great opportunity to work at this. Small classes and frequent sessions open you up to being ‘coachable’ and see the results of these improvements.

Accepting your limitations makes you mentally stronger, and pushes you to improve.

Book A Yoga Retreat

Book A Luxury Yoga Retreat

Whether you’re looking to advance your professional career a luxury yoga retreat could be just right for you. It’s your chance to reset, refresh, and rebuild in a beautiful, exotic location. Vacation your way to a more confident, capable you by booking a yoga retreat today.

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