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Top Yoga and Wellness Destinations Around the World

By WanderfulSoul | Comments: 3 | July 21, 2017

Someday I’ll take a romantic getawaySomeday I’ll start yoga lessonsSomeday I’ll take some time just for myself. Someday, someday, someday… How many times have you said this to yourself?

Don’t feel bad. I was in the same boat. My life was full of chaos and it wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I decided to get up and make a move. And the verdict? I feel much more at balance and at ease! Eye-opening retreats, a deeper love for yoga and holistic living have given me the gift of renewed energy, peace of mind, and a healthier body.

Now that I’ve dedicated myself to helping others down this same path, I’ve made this list of top yoga and wellness destinations to turn all those “somedays” into “todays!” WanderfulSoul has been traveling the world and leading wellness and yoga retreats for years. While I’ve had incredible experiences on all of my adventures, I understand that choosing the right retreat or resort isn’t easy.

This is my list of the absolute top destinations for yoga and wellness to help you find the perfect getaway with ease, but before we dive in, let’s take a look at some of the things you can expect during your stay at a holistic refuge.

  • Retreat Options: Only one destination on this list is exclusively a retreat location. The others are all resorts. But as they are world-class wellness facilities, they all offer or host retreats. If you’re looking for a regimented, all-inclusive stay in paradise, a retreat is a great way to go. It takes the stress out of planning and provides an intimate setting in which to relax and grow.
  • Courses: Whether you’d like to explore cooking, yoga, meditation, or NLP, these spots are dedicated to enhancing your ability to live better.
  • Guided Practice: Early morning yoga and meditation on the beach are just a few examples of daily practice sessions offered by luxurious wellness centers. Guided practice always includes expert teachers or trainers.
  • Spa: No wellness resort is complete without a world-class spa. Many centers on this list are medically certified and have some of the finest staff and facilities in the world.
  • Five-Star Accommodation: Even if you’re doing a retreat which requires strength and perseverance, you can expect to relax in style in unique lodgings and with stellar views of the local landscape.
  • The Finest Dining: Wellness is fueled by a diet that makes you shine from the inside out. Master chefs use locally sourced ingredients to create culinary wonders that are as delicious as they are healthy.
  • Much More: Every retreat and destination is different and therefore offers something special and unique. We’ll explore more of those offering in the list below!


The World’s Top Yoga and Wellness Destinations

If you’re looking for the best of the best, you’ve come to the right place. These stunningly beautiful yoga and wellness destinations are dedicated to providing tranquility, health, and renewed vitality to all of their guests.

Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary- Thailand

Kamalaya promises an overhaul of body and soul, and with multiple awards for best wellness center on the planet, there’s little reason to doubt it.

Located in the lush greenery of the southern coast of Koh Samui, Kamalaya offers a truly inspirational environment for anyone who wants to get healthy, fit, and achieve peace of mind. Some of the programs they offer include weight loss, detox, yoga, and fitness, and in your down time, you can take in views of the emerald sea from your beachfront accommodation or outdoor dining platforms.

What makes Kamalaya extra special is what lies at its core. The center was built around an ancient cave, which served as a sacred site for Buddhist monks. Guests can still access the cave and meditate in its solemn caverns.

Chable Wellness Resort- Mexico

Nothing reanimates the human body and soul more than water. It’s the basic ingredient for life, and also the source of Chable’s unique energy. Built around a “cenote” (sacred well) that was once worshiped by the Mayans, this resort offers a unique mix of modern luxury and timeless spirit.

There’s nothing quite like wandering through the ancient, gnarled trees and ruins that pock Chable’s grounds and coming out of the brush to see the colorful tiles and emerald pools of this incredible resort. Wellness activities include various fitness programs, guided meditation and breathing classes, and mindful eating featuring delicious local vegan cuisine.

You can’t miss the Temescal, a traditional Mayan sweat lodge that will open your pores and your mind!

Adler Thermae Wellness and Spa Resort- Italy

South America and Asia are famous for their wellness centers, but many don’t know that Italy is full of spectacular revitalizing hot springs that have been lauded over the centuries for their healing qualities.

Adler Thermae is Europe’s premier wellness spa destination in my humble opinion. Located in the heart of a UNESCO heritage site deep in the Tuscan countryside, this resort and spa is transformative in every way. Walking into the natural hot springs and wading under steaming waterfalls is unparalleled for stress and amazing for your skin. Once you’ve shed your anxieties you can participate in one of many fitness programs or explore the local landscape on hiking and biking excursions to restore your energy levels.

Villa-style accommodation guarantees peace and quiet unparalleled, and when you’re ready for a little society, head to the restaurant for some of the freshest organic Italian cuisine the country has to offer.

Nekupe Resort- Nicaragua

This one is for the nature lovers. Nekupe has crafted the perfect environment for those who want to reconnect with the earth and find their own place in it.

Incredible accommodation and peaceful lounges and patios are all equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows so you never have to miss out on the vast and colorful landscapes below. 1,300 acres of protected forest stretch into cresting hills in the distance and provide sanctuary to thousands of plant and animal species. After revitalizing yoga sessions and fascinating culinary and artistic courses, you’ll head into the wild with your own ranger to experience the Nicaraguan jungle firsthand.

The Farm at San Benito- Philippines

The Farm at San Benito is a holistic center which joins the hands of the east and west. This scenic resort is located in the jungle near Manila and is a true haven for pilgrims and vacationers alike.

Doing yoga in front of cascading waterfalls and walking through plush, tranquil jungle grasses are only a few of the activities that allow you to feel the amazing energy of this place. The staff are so caring and the local vegan cuisine is so delicious that you can’t help but want to stay in this nurturing space forever.

The Farm is renowned for its sanctuaries, which combine modern medicine and ancient healing to bring body, mind, and soul in harmony. The Healing Sanctuary spa brings balance to your body, while the Holistic Sanctuary aims to calm your mind and bring clarity to your judgment. Finally, the new Acqua Sanctuary washes stress away and helps you cleanse from the inside out.

Villa Paradiso- Mustique Island

When you walk through the gates of the private Villa Paradiso on Mustique Island you feel an embrace of natural wonder that must be similar to what Christopher Columbus himself felt when he discovered the island over 500 years ago.

Villa Paradiso is a serene and secluded retreat center. Booking a retreat here means you’ll have the pleasure of solitude and the intimacy of a small group while enjoying all the fantastic facilities, like the pool and waterfall, private gardens full of flowers bursting with color, and open-air bedrooms that look out over the glistening Caribbean sea. The villa also comes fully staffed with a chef, a gardener, and a butler to assist you and take your cares away.

This retreat center covers all the bases and leaves you free to explore the surrounding Caribbean flora or to contemplate and reflect undisturbed. A true paradise!

Parrot Cay Retreat- UK (Turks & Caicos Islands)

Digging your feet into the velvety white sands of Parrot Cay can’t help but bring a smile to your face and a soothing release to your heart. As one of the most secluded centers on the planet, this resort is only reachable by boat.

Parrot Cay is dedicated to providing only the finest in luxury services and accommodation on one of the most majestic islands in the Caribbean. Wake up to see the golden sunrise from a private beach villa and join a morning meditation group on the sand, or choose one of the many yoga and breathing courses to strengthen mind and body. Then seek some adventure on a diving excursion or a trip to one of the nearby islands where iguanas bask in the sun.

Parrot Cay also offers Yoga retreats lead by master instructors for those seeking a more comprehensive experience.

Aqua Wellness Resort- Nicaragua

There’s nothing more humbling than planting your roots back in nature. As a perfect combination of eco-luxury, this incredible wellness resort uses holistic healing and nature’s gifts to provide a peaceful yet exhilarating experience.

As soon as you step into your unique tree house villa in the Nicaraguan forest and gaze out over the country’s “Emerald Coast,” you’ll feel an inner joy start to spread through your body. This is only the beginning of your Aqua Wellness experience. Yoga courses and retreats as well as holistic services like massage and Reiki from the world-class spa will melt your cares away, and trips through the dense forest to view sea turtles and monkeys will make you smile like you were a child again.

Don’t forget to take a boat cruise to see the towering rocky outcroppings and burning, rouge sunsets.

Are you ready to visit one of the world’s top yoga and wellness destinations? Book now at any of these breathtaking retreat centers and resorts, or join me and other wanderers on a WanderfulSoul retreat. We have upcoming yoga and wellness retreats at a number of the resorts on this list.

Come wander with us!


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